It’s been a long time since I have been on here. My sincerest apologies but training for a marathon, working, and taking a summer class does not leave much free time…:/ Anyways I have a 13 miler planned for today and my emotions are quite mixed. I don’t know if I should be dreading this or if I should be looking forward to it haha I also have yet to decide where I want to run and of course I need to map it out before hand. It’s a beautiful day and much cooler than yesterday so that is a plus. I just finished a 12 page paper that took me 2.5 hours to write SO my brain is fried. 

Waiting for this damn laundry to finish and then I need to get started on this run. SO much going on lately. At least this summer class is officially done with. Now I can focus on making money and running alone.

umm intake today so far:


life cereal with cinnamon and vanilla unsweetened almond milk 

a few dark chocolate covered pomegranates


xoxox lovelies

"But the strategy in cross country is simple and brutal. You go out and run and you run until you think you simply cannot take one more step, you run until it feels like your head is a hornets’ nest with its own population explosion and your lungs are on fire and your heart is a beating jackhammer fast and your stomach is churning with nausea and your legs weigh 400 pounds apiece and you’re wondering seriously about your own sanity, wondering why the name of exhaustion you ever answered the starter’s gun … well, you run until all of this happens … and then you run some more."